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Welcome! This website was created on Feb 28 2009 and last updated on Mar 14 2014.

There are 4944 names in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the birth of Moberley, Edward in 1593. The most recent event is the death of Speakes, Charles Elwood in 2012.The webmaster of this site is THOMAS KREUN. Please click here if you have any comments or feedback.

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Welcome to the new Lee family ancestry web site!!!
About The Lee Family Tree
I am researching my Lee family ancestry on my mothers side. My direct Lee ancestry 
line comes from the King George County, Virginia area. James Lee (????-1790) is the 
furthest Lee confirmed ancestor of my direct line. Because of very good 
circumstantial evidence that a John Leigh, son of William Leigh and Mary Hamilton of 
the Carrickfergus, Ireland Leigh ancestry line that immigrated to the United 
States from Ireland, could his father but complete speculation at this point. 
My cousin William "Bill" Lee had his DNA tested and the results showed 100% matches 
to confirmed descendents of William Leigh (1687-1740)and Mary Hamilton of the Carrickfergus, Ireland
Lee/Leigh line. This line is well documented in the LDS web site. 
Two grandsons of this William Leigh; William and Francis Leigh immigrated to Philadelphia, 
PA on or about 1770 and from there their lines split. Francis stayed in the Pa. area and William
migrated south to the Carolinas. There is much written about Francis and his descendants in 
Mercer County, PA. History written by Francis Bazley Lee and a portrait of Francis 
Bazley Lee which is also interesting to see. A large amount of information on this 
site is a compilation of other researchers work. I have been able to confirm most of 
the sources. There is some research on this site that still needs confirmed and every 
attempt is made to do so but I will include what I think to be credible evidence. I'm 
hoping this would be a good way for visitors to review the information and supply any 
evidence supporting the findings. 
My original goal for this site was to share my research with my immediate family. 
After about a year or so of researching my Lee line and making contact with other 
distant Lee cousins via DNA matching or other genealogy web sites that this is much 
bigger then just my small branch out of King George County, Virginia.
So please enjoy the web site and I look forward to hearing from anyone who has any 
questions, comments, information, etc. As you will see there is a photo album section 
on the site. There are a few Lee family's that are currently compiling photos to 
submit to site. So if you have any photo's that you would like to share please email 
them to me with any information you have on the photo and I will be glad to add it to 
the photo album. 
Please sign the guest book and check back for updates as they will be done often. 
Please spread the word about the site. The more people that visit the site the more 
possibilities of building on the tree. Please use my direct email address as 
follows, to send me any stories, photos or ancestry additions 
to the tree.

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